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💥Suky the Reactive Romanian Rescue Dog

Updated: May 16, 2021

This was our second session with Suky, in her first session we looked at boosting their relationship and creating enrichment and engagement opportunities by getting rid of her dog bowl and hand-feeding her.

We went back over to South Hetton in Durham for a follow-up on the dog training session and she’s doing great.

She sometimes barks and lunges at other dogs and finds it hard to disengage, so this session we got my Chloe, the GSD/Collie, out and worked on some counter conditioning. Essentially, Chloe comes into view and the best treats start flowing, Chloe goes out of view and the treats stop.

What starts to happen is that Chloe predicts the best treats, therefore Chloe becomes awesome, therefore no longer needs to bark and lunge at her.

Suky did fab and will be sorted in no time

Well done guys, she’s a beaut!

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