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Ted the Resource Guarding Cocker Spaniel

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Ted is a lovely little cocker spaniel we have been working with Whitley Bay.

Ted was a bit of a prolific resource guarder and would go out his way to guard items.

His guardians actually managed to resolve this before I got there last week! So we went over what they had done and how we could improve on it going forward.

There were a couple of other things that they wanted to work on, pulling on the lead and chasing the cats.

Ted's loose leash walking was already pretty good, but all of a sudden he would shoot off to sniff, so we put sniffing on cue and used that as his reinforcement.

For the cats, we went down the counter conditioning route. This is where we teach him that seeing a cat predicts good stuff. We had to start this with a cuddly toy popping out a doorway to teach him the process, and from there can switch to the real thing.

Ted is a lovely pup with some great guardians so he will do just fine!

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