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The barking Seamus

Seamus has the worst (and most annoying) bark I have ever worked with

I can honestly say, I had a head after spending 10 minutes with him. The slightest bit of arousal and he went crazy!

His owners and neighbors were fed up with it and it was putting stress on the family, as you can imagine.

He literally barked from the moment he knew he was going on a walk, through the streets, to the park until he was off lead, none stop.

Today was the first time we started looking at his barking while on walks, before lockdown we did some work in the house that is going smoothly.

Within the hour, we had him sorted and practiced getting out the house and garden without a peep several times.

As most of you know, I’m not a fan of figure 8 leads, however, he is used to wearing it and when we tried the alternatives all he’ll break loose and he nearly choked himself out so we will address the behavior and sort the equipment later.

His owner has put an awful lot of work in so far, and I’m sure she will continue too with his walks now, well done!

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