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The Scarecrow-Crab Dance

Today, we went to spend some time with Lola and Luna, the old-time Bulldogs. They are very lovely dogs and are very friendly with people. They are happy to jump all over you and give you lots of cuddles when they meet people.

During their walks, Luna pulls on the lead to move forward, while Lola pulls on the lead to go backward. As a result, their owner ends up doing a Scarecrow-Crab dance!

We started teaching Luna to engage with her owner, make eye contact, and check in gradually during their walks. We are also working on increasing Luna's drive to work for treats over the next few weeks.

Luna has shown some aggression towards other dogs and has even attacked dogs in the past. Therefore, we introduced a technique that will work for the long term and gradually decrease Luna's reactivity towards other dogs, ultimately reducing her aggression.

These two dogs are extremely lovely, and given time, they will succeed in their training.

We’ll be back soon to provide another update!

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