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Today Denise was back in South Shields working with Ranger the Pocket Bully

Ranger can be quite full-on around other dogs, like most bully breeds which can seem like a lot to some dogs.

We've worked previously on walking past dogs, saying hi appropriately, and teaching auto-check-ins when he sees dogs.

So today we put it more to the test when he met his match playing with Baby Denise's Croatian Sheepdog.

We then started looking at points in play to interrupt before he gets too overwhelmed. How to calm play down and respond to his owner. With a bit of practice he was starting to pick up on the more subtle play break behaviours Baby was offering like play bows,4 actual breaks, etc.

He has done fantastic and it was great to see him playing with another dog without getting too 'in your face'.

Well done Ranger & Co!!

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