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Trainer Brenna started the day with beautiful XL bully, Bowser.

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

He is so excited to greet guests that he sometimes jumps or chews his mam's shoes. We want Bowser to learn an appropriate greeting, so we taught him a hand touch to move him to one spot and to sit and wait until the guest comes to him. He did amazing!

Next, we saw another bouncy bulldog, Axl. He also struggles to contain his excitement so we are working on his impulse control using games and loose lead walking. He was able to walk out the front door, to the bottom of the drive, and back with no pulling. Great work, Axl!

Betty the labradoodle pup is a little bit anxious about noises outside, so we started with counter-conditioning her to low-volume noises on the phone, rewarding her for listening and not reacting. We'll also be playing some confidence-building games around controlled noise in the house and keeping the focus on walks.

Well done everyone, keep us posted on your progress!

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