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Training Skye, Milo, and Bella

During the first session, Ange focused on training Skye, Milo, and Bella to address a few behavioural issues. Skye, the German Shepherd, was taught not to jump on people, especially the owner. The goal was to teach all three dogs to settle down when visitors arrive, so they don't constantly bark at them. Another aspect of the training involved reducing excessive barking when people pass by the garden, as it is adjacent to a public footpath and a private road, leading to the dogs barking at everything they see.

Ange also observed Skye's relationship with the lodger/dog sitter. Skye tends to feel protective of the owner when she is sitting on the sofa, but relaxes and even interacts with the lodger once they sit down. This behaviour was addressed to ensure Skye feels more comfortable and secure around the lodger when the owner is present.

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