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Womble and Ollie

First case of the day, we returned to see Womble, the German Shepherd, for our second session of the week with him, focusing intensely on his dog reactivity. Previously, we tackled his reactivity toward people successfully, and he no longer reacts to them. This time, we switched from treats to a ball as reinforcement proved to be a masterstroke. By the end of the session, Womble wasn't just noticing other dogs; he was actively looking back at us, anticipating his ball reward. This significant shift away from reactive behavior towards positive expectation is exactly the progress we aim for.

Next, Ollie, the Cockapoo in Hebburn, is unique in his over-excitement and shadow-chasing behavior. He already made great strides in managing his reactivity toward people and dogs, so we looked into addressing this peculiar habit. Ollie would pick up an item and then start guarding it against shadows, a behavior we're tackling by ensuring his needs are met and introducing strategies to interrupt and prevent the behaviour. Ollie's response to these methods has been fantastic, making every session with him both challenging and rewarding.

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