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Working Dog Day!

Today was working day on dogs for Nathan, who started the day with Merlin the Black German Shepherd, then Effy the Border Collie, and Hunter the Labrador.

Merlin is doing great, he’s currently calming down outside and we are taking some of his impulse control and competition obedience style training out and about, like retrieves and heelwork. Merlin is majorly distracted by the environment, so we keep sessions nice and short to hold his focus.

Effy is a mega-driven collie, but who also has some anxieties. Her family are fantastic and even considering moving house to a more Effy friendly location. In this session, we made sure she was getting what she needed to be a happier dog and fulfill her needs while reducing her anxiety triggers.

Hunter is a lovely brown Labrador who has some issues around other dogs. In this session, we did a lot of reps with him and other dogs including my Chloe, I was hoping to get to the point of him seeing a dog and automatically looking back, however, we still need to give him a nudge in the right direction when he sees a dog. He will definitely get there though, he has a Labrador love of food

All in all, a fab day, and all the dogs and guardians did great!

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