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Ziggy StarLUST

Jaake has been to see Ziggy (3-year-old Labrador) for his 4th session today.

As you can see from Ziggy’s photo, he’s a handsome chap and popular with the ladies. Ziggy is an intact male and his family was very keen to work on his recall.

Ziggy was also reacting to some large male dogs so we started initially with a strategy to help Ziggy and his owners with this. We have had no reactions to dogs since we started and Ziggy tends to just ignore them now. We have also previously worked on Ziggy’s recall and he continues to progress well with this.

Today we looked at teaching Ziggy to look at us and engage for permission to chase something he wants rather than going straight into a chase. We also looked at some games to build a stronger connection with his owners when in more distracting environments and worked on teaching Ziggy a solid sit/stay.

As always Ziggy nailed everything we tried with him today. He is a joy to work with. Well done Team Ziggy.

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