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A productive day with our Trainer Brenna

  • Eddie the cavapoo was struggling to keep his focus on his owner when out and about, and was getting easily startled by sudden, loud noises. We practiced walking to a heel and adding the cue "look", whilst gradually adding in noise at a low volume and safe distance. He learned to look at his owner whenever he was startled, taking his focus away from the noise and getting rewarded for this choice!

  • Otto the Rottweiler has been stealing items around the house that he's not allowed to have - like remote controls and glasses! We practiced using a 'switch' cue with food and toys, so when he hears this word it means another (more interesting) toy has come to life so he drops what he has and joins in on the play! We also focussed on impulse control and practicing a leave so that he learns not to pick things up in the first place.

  • Persie the labrador came all the way from Teesside for our help today! She broke her back leg when she was 4 months old, so whilst recovering she missed out on vital socialisation. Now that she's out and about in the real world again, it's all just too exciting and she pulls on her lead for dogs, people, and children. We practiced walking in a figure of 8 to calm her down before walks, heelwork, and rewarding when she checks in with her owner.

  • Oscar the cockapoo was struggling to walk nicely on a lead, so we went back to basics with his owner, teaching the heel position and building value at being by their side. He learned that the only way to walk forward was for there to be no tension on the lead, and he got lots of tasty chicken and cheese in the process!

  • Truffle the cockapoo is very excited by people that sometimes he jumps up on them with muddy paws when out for a walk. We practiced walking to a heel, sitting, and waiting for the cue "say hello" before someone makes a big fuss over him. So he still gets to practice the behaviour he loves but in a controlled way.

  • Freddie the labrador is a high-energy teenager with a strong pull on the lead. We refocused his attention back on his owner by doing some drunk walking, followed by a figure of 8 walking to calm him down, and then circle walking to practice his heelwork. We also recommended they try some gun dog training which would be a great way to mentally and physically enrich him.

Well done everyone, keep us posted with your progress!

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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