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Bertie's Bark-to-Wag Transformation!

Meet Bertie, the small, spirited mixed breed from Durham, Sherburn. Beneath his furry charm, Bertie struggled with reacting to other dogs and battling separation anxiety. Despite his owners' countless efforts, a solution seemed elusive.

Bertie's journey took a turn after a vet check revealed a hidden discomfort: spinal issues causing pain. With prescribed meds, our brave Bertie was on the mend and his behavior began to shift for the better.

Armed with this knowledge, we introduced counter-conditioning exercises and a rewarding alternative behavior: Bertie looked to his owners for treats whenever he spotted another dog.

The practice brought remarkable progress! Bertie’s reactions to other dogs lessened dramatically. He even casually strolled past fences with reactive dogs without a single bark, a feat previously unimaginable.

Bertie's story underlines the importance of understanding a dog's behavior and addressing its needs. His transformation has not only relieved his owners' stress but also elevated Bertie's quality of life. Struggling with similar issues? Let us help transform your dog's behavior, just as we did for Bertie!

Kudos to Bertie, the star of his session! We look forward to our next encounter to tackle his separation anxiety. With Bertie's determination and our expertise, success is inevitable.

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE

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