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Dogs at war!

Having 2 dogs that don’t get along in the same home can be awful, when they can’t even be in the same room without barking and lunging the entire time, then it’s even worse!

To top that off, when one dog puts another in the vets with serious injuries, twice, then that’s about as bad as it can get!

This is exactly what has happened with Pepper and Teddy here.

Something happened when they were unsupervised and all hell broke loose, Teddy ended up in the vets with serious injury, and then it all happened again! Since then, they are barking and lunging whenever they see each other!

Our dog trainer in Hebburn has been to see them a couple of times now and we have slowly been reintroducing them together.

Here’s how:

  • Management system to prevent rehearsal of “bad blood”

  • Taught them that when the other appears in the distance, so do the treats!

  • Gradually got them walking with each other on neutral grounds

  • Created a good association to each of their scents using a method called pavlovs breakfast

  • Reintroduced them to a room, when one appears, so do treats!

  • Taught bed and settle cues to promote calmness and manage the situation

  • Had them moving around each other

  • Had all 5 of the family dogs together in the room together doing their normal behaviours and increasing arousal.

The results are clear, from not being able to see each other without barking and lunging to happily working around each other.

All done by kind, force-free methods (no need for leash corrections, choke leads, shaker bottles, etc)

These 2 will unlikely never be unsupervised alone again, but at least we are back to SOME normality!

Well done everyone, lots of hard work has gone into these 2!

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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