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Maggie the cockerpoo - resolved!

This is Maggie, a young cockerpoo. Maggie used to be a school dog, she would go into school with a head teacher, but with a lockdown, she wasn’t allowed to go in for a while and when eventually she was allowed back in, she was a bit nervous. Maggie’s owner is retired so Maggie is a retired school dog now.

Originally we were called out because she was getting a little bit anxious around other dogs and she would bark in the car a lot, she would also bark when she’s down to the beach for attention or a ball and things like that. To start with we sent her to the vets and they actually found something wrong with her, when that was sorted, she got a lot better. We did a little training around other dogs, we’ve sorted out the car and barking down to the beach.

We met in South Shields for our third session with Maggie as her loose leash walking regressed a little bit so we looked at that and she picked it up straight away and then had a perfect loose leash walk for the rest of the session.

We’ve also talked about stuff going forward with Maggie, because, to be honest, we’re at the end of our sessions with her, we’ve got nothing else that she’s got issues with other than a bit of barking at the door which we’re still working on. She’s possibly going to go into rally obedience or scent work, or even trick training and do a trick training championship so we’re talking about what the future holds for Maggie now because she’s just fantastic and would perform great in such activities.

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