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Mani the Golden Retriever with Anxiety-Based Emotions

Mani is a super lovely retriever, very playful with people and most dogs.

His issues start with intact male dogs. There are several reasons why male dogs sometimes don’t get along, from increased testosterone making them more threatening as well as more confident, female dogs in heat nearby, or purely learned association. With Mani, it seems to be the latter.

We tested him with Chloe to see how he was with other dogs and was friendly and interested, albeit a bit frustrated.

He had previously had 2 other trainers, 1 said to yank him on a slip and the other said to stop letting him on the bed and be stricter. Neither of these addresses the route of his behavior, which is fear or anxiety-based emotions based on previous learning.

We got him started with some basic engagement protocols and loose leash walking as well as his introduction to counter conditioning his emotional response.

Mani did fab and is a lovely dog with very committed owners.

Looking forward to seeing them for their next session soon

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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