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Manic Monday Morning!

Wrapped up some sessions with three amazing dogs, each with their little victories, and I'm buzzing with pride for them.

First off, we had Dexter the Border Collie from Sunderland. This lad used to be all over the place - cars, dogs, you name it, he'd react. But not now. He passed dogs super close and just kept his cool. Even with people, he just glanced and went about his business.

Massive improvement!

Then it was off to Washington to see Kyrie, the German Shepherd. She's had her training challenges since moving up from London, especially with other dogs. But her walking's getting so much better, and she's nailing looking back at her owners instead of reacting. Proud of her progress.

Last but definitely not least, Womble from Sunderland showed us what he's made of. This typical German Shepherd likes to bark and lunge at folks and other dogs. He no longer barks at people and he saw my Bella and managed to keep his cool, looking back at his owner like a pro.

Still a way to go, but it's a great start.

Big shoutout to all the dog owners in these sessions - you're doing amazing work with your pups.

Can't wait to see how much more Dexter, Kyrie, and Womble improve by our next session.

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