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Meet competition winner, 14-month-old Skye.

Skye and her guardian, Angela, won the #GSDR raffle and bagged themselves a FREE behaviour consultation!

Tonight I went to see them for what turned out to be quite an interesting one.

Skye has recently started reacting to other dogs, barking in the car, street and garden. Interestingly though, she’s completely fine in Redhead Park

Now Skye seems to have not had much luck with other dogs and has been attacked or bullied multiple times by multiple dogs, not only this, she has had some health issues, recently in heat, at the age where she is more susceptible to anxiety/awareness (sometimes called fear period) and she also doesn’t appear to be getting enough settled rest.

I personally don’t believe that one of these reasons alone has caused this behaviour and that this is a result of all of them combined.

We looked at a lot tonight since we only have one session booked in. These things included:

- Ditching the food bowl in favour of enrichment and training activities

- Building calmness via rewarding calm behaviours and teaching breathing exercises

- Changing the behaviours around leaving the house

- Adding a covered crate to the car

- Teaching that other dogs predict good things happening

Skye's guardian has been left with a lot of things to work on, however, each one of them should fit around their lifestyle nicely so that there is no real change to their routines.

As you all know, I'm massively biased towards German Shepherds and really hope I get to see Skye again and watch her grow!

Well done everyone and good luck!

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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