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💥 Molly the Cockapoo

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

We recently went to see Molly the cockapoo in East Boldon who had some resource guarding issues and a few other little things like loose leash walking and recall.

Molly isn’t a standard case though, she has had some major surgery that pretty much cost her her socialization period.

It also became clear that she has

some anxiety when it comes

to men wearing black (which didn’t help when I rocked up all in black), but we quickly got passed that and got some counter-conditioning techniques put in place.

For loose leash walking, we taught her where we would like her to be, which is next to us, then taught her to move in that position while feeding her then quickly fading out the food.

We then looked at her recall, where we taught her that if she ignored the call we ran away and had a party when she caught up.

For her resource guarding, we started teaching her to drop and leave, this removes the pressure and confrontation from her.

Finally, we started pairing men with treats by marking her with a verbal marker when she saw one then rewarding when she looked back.

All in all, Molly is a fab dog and very motivated to work so will do just fine 😁

Well done Molly and co 🤩

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