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Muna the Springer Spaniel

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

This weekend was the 2nd session for Muna, initially, her owners were in touch because she can sometimes be weary of new people and dogs that pester her. In the last session, we focused on when visitors come to the home and stop barking.

In this session, we focused on the outdoor world and what to do on walks. Since Muna already had cracking obedience, it was just the initial reaction and people that hover. We taught Muna what to do when she sees people and when she can and can't approach people so she's learning that even when people come up to her that it doesn't mean they are going to hover.

Therefore, We set it up to focus more on what to do when people come out of nowhere.

Muna has done absolutely fantastic and picked up the new cues really quickly.

Well done Muna and Co!

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