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Negroni, a 16 month old Rottweiler

Jaake has been over to Blyth for his 2nd session with Negroni, a 16-month-old Rottweiler.

Negroni is a big strong, friendly boy who loves to say hello to people and dogs. However, he gets frustrated when he can’t get to them and will bark, lunge, and bite on his lead.

Negroni has also been fearful of bikes, cars, and especially buses but since our first session, this has been resolved.

We looked at ways to remove as much frustration from Negroni’s daily life as possible and started some impulse control and frustration tolerance training first of all and in this session, we went to Cambois beach to work on his owner-handling skills.

Negroni smashed it and was constantly making good choices, regularly disengaging from other dogs and engaging nicely with his owners. Incidents of biting the lead are few and far between and Negroni is a lot more relaxed on his walks.

Negroni’s owners were also awesome in the session and they handled him with so much more confidence. Well done everyone.

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