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Reactive dog Friday!

Nathan here! Still recovering from the London trip, but back out helping dogs feel safer and owners enjoy their walks too!

I kicked off the day with the lovely Bailey the working Golden Retriever who was showing some aggression towards men, which is now completely sorted and he has even gone over to some for attention and to lean against them.

Bailey is a little over-excited by other dogs and can pull toward them, so we had Chloe out and taught him to focus on his owner and walk past without paying attention to the other dogs. We got to practice this with a few dogs and he did really well!

I’ll be back in the new year to finish off Bailey's training now

Next, I went to see Murphy the Springer Spaniel / Poodle and his family. Murphy was a lovely, calm dog however he has some bad reactions to other dogs.

Today was all about foundations. We taught him marker cues so that we could prevent reactivity and teach him that dogs predict good stuff instead of bad and then taught him some pattern games that make the whole system predictable for him and earlier to learn.

He picked these up super quick so there isn’t too much practicing to do, which means we will be back in the next week or so to start working him around other dogs!

Both dogs did super well, as did their owners, so well done!

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