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Teaching Tazer to behave around other dogs

This is Taser the XL bully from Jarrow who is just amazing. His owner is really good at training him and does a lot of competitive obedience type of training with him, so he has a lot of foundation and engagement.

We've been working on some reactivity which he's doing brilliantly with, Tazer was struggling when dogs are barking and when they bark at him, he often reacts. During this session we got Demo out, we got her barking around him and he just didn't bat an eyelid once we started working with her around him, which was perfect.

He can pull on the lead quite a bit as well so we spend some time just tightening this up he was doing very well and had pretty much got the perfect loose leash walk within about five minutes of the session.

Tazer is doing brilliantly. He's going from strength to strength and we're going to have him in one of our upcoming classes as well, which is fantastic for him.

Well done Tazer & Co.

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