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This week I’ve done 22 consultations with 24 dogs and that’s with canceling 2 due to a migraine!

Frankie the Frenchie is doing awesome, he can now go for walks in the street without batting an eyelid at other dogs. We are now working on open spaces and dogs chasing balls that trigger him a bit still but he will be there in no time. We have also been preparing him for a new baby hooman arriving soon!

Pregnant Zetta the GSD and her owner Steve are doing fab! Her reactivity is doing fab and her loose leash walking is coming on great!

Iris the GSP has taken a bit of a step back. We are working with the vets as she has a lot of anxiety and triggers outside so needed medication alongside a behavior mod. Iris is now on a decompression few weeks to get her back to where she was - this means that she avoids anything that makes her anxious for a few weeks.

Murdoch the black lab is doing awesome, he has some really nice loose leash walking now and his reactivity towards both humans and dogs is coming on great.

Oscar the Collie / Poodle is doing really well with his loose leash walking and reactivity. He easily coped with 4 of my dogs and a few public dogs at a super close distance!

Buddy the reactive Patterdale is becoming more and more focused by the day and was looking at his triggers and looking back at his guardians by the end of this session. He has also stopped having accidents in the house! Long way to go but making sons great progress!

Merlin the GSD. Merlin is a super high drive GSD so we are channeling this and building calm-focused behaviors while teaching him that these aren’t negotiable.

Ollie the reactive labradoodle is nailing loose leash walking and also did fantastic with 4 of my dogs and not reacting at them. He has guardians with some health problems so making sure he isn’t lunging is super important.

Wilfred the Doberman who was 1 more “swallowing something he shouldn’t” incident away from not being able to be helped by the vet, is doing fab. He’s still surviving! This session was all about stopping him from counter surfing and calming him down in the home.

Ollie the Shih Tzu is doing fab. Ollie bit the teenage girl in the home in the face and ever since has reacted and lunged whenever she appears. Other than getting stressed at the Christmas tree, has barked and lunged at her for at least a month now. We didn’t push him any further in this session though as he was showing some potential health issues that were stressing him out.

If these cases sound like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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