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Thursday’s sessions with Cosmo the Frenchie and Ruby the Rottweiler

Cosmo has already had a holistic behaviourist for a lot of sessions so he already had some kind of foundation which was quite useful for our training, although they couldn’t resolve reactivity which is the main issue as Cosmo barked and lunged at pretty much everything that moves. We have worked with Cosmo and his owner for a couple of months now and Cosmo no longer barks or lunges at people and is quite happy to walk past them without any care in the world. During this session, he was able to get close to Chloe and Bella which is a big achievement for him. The plan is to continue working on Cosmo’s neutrality towards other dogs during oncoming sessions.

Finished the day off in Winlaton with Ruby the Rottweiler. Ruby used to get quite aggressive towards people when they came over to the house, she can also get a little bit funny around other dogs. We’ve been working with Ruby for a while and now when the doorbell rings she goes to her mat or she’ll sit somewhere and wait for a treat while the person walks through the door. We put a system in place of how to quickly introduce her to the guests without any aggression. She also knows the alternative behaviour if she’s not going to meet them. During this session, we started looking at Ruby’s behaviour around other dogs and she did perfectly with that.

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