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Toby the Reactive Pointer cross Dog

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Toby was a rescue from Brysons and before that, it sounds like he had a very difficult life.

Toby was majorly reactive to other dogs from about 25 meters away, initially looking like excitement but lashed out when he came face to face with dogs.

He was also crazy hyper and dived all over guests, had some separation anxiety and pulled on the lead.

Finally, he had some recall issues, although his recall was amazing when there were no distractions, as soon as he was chasing birds he went deaf.

Here’s what we did:

  • Taught him that seeing other dogs meant his guardian would give him tasty treats, as gradually, we closed the distance and now he is happy to walk straight past dogs.

  • We also taught him to walk nicely on the lead which he now does great.

  • He was taught to go to a bed when people come over, and stays there until freed when he can get attention.

  • Taught to be happy left alone in the house.

  • Taught a run away recall to supercharge him coming back when called

Toby and his guardian have done so well and we look forward to receiving updates

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