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What does your dog look like when stressed?

Stress in dogs manifests in very different ways and around very different triggers, like in humans.

Some dogs can’t handle certain triggers from fear of being hurt or having a negative experience, others can get so frustrated by situations, it causes them to become very stressed and they can display similar responses to fearful dogs. Finally, dogs can become so over-excited that they can’t control themselves, this stops them from thinking and processing and they then make bad choices.

Here are 3 dogs from this week:

Cooper the Cavapoo is a lovely little pup. He was originally scared of dogs and would bark and lunge but after our first session, he pretty much stopped. He gets very stressed if his guardians give another dog a treat though! This is frustration and causes him to react by kicking off and barking and lunging. We set him and Bella up at a distance and had the guardian treat both from a distance and will gradually get closer. Cooper has done awesome in just 2 sessions and will continue to shine.

Rory the Kerry Blue Terrier is completely over-excited and over-aroused. This causes him to make bad decisions and because he isn’t able to process triggers due to being frantic, causes him anxiety. Even when we switched him from harness to collar, he took a full tantrum. In this session, we started slowing him down and building up focus which is doing great.

Charlie the lurcher reacts at other dogs going past. Charlie’s anxiety around other dogs causes him stress which causes him to tell other dogs to back off in the only way he knows how. The lovely people of Gateshead really helped with this and quite a few stopped and let us use their dogs to stooge within Saltwell Park - so thank you to everyone that did! Charlie did awesomely and we had no reactions towards other dogs during the session even though he was within a meter of other dogs. Well done Charlie and co!

If these case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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