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Willow the Shih Tzu

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Willow is a delightful little dog dealing with some anxiety. She can sometimes show aggression towards people entering or leaving the room and feel uneasy when people reach to pet her and, although she may initially greet some dogs, she can sometimes show aggression to make them leave. She also becomes notably aggressive when the Netflix logo appears on the TV.

Today, we started her dog reactivity training. We visited the local park to begin counter-conditioning, associating positive experiences with other dogs. This approach starts at a distance and slowly decreases until Willow can interact with other dogs without stress.

Additionally, we’ve started changing her response to door knocks. We’re teaching her to go to a specific bed in the house where rewards are when a bell rings. This method will mitigate any training setbacks due to unexpected guests. Eventually, this bell will be fixed to the door.

Our next session is scheduled at her workplace to sort out Willow’s behaviour. Meanwhile, we will list all the noises and scenarios that make Willow anxious to tackle them.

Willow did exceptionally well, and her owner is incredibly supportive. Well done to both; we are confident in their continued progress!

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