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Working dogs and doodle Mondays!

As usual, it was a busy Monday here at The Dog Trainers! Here are some of the updates for dogs Nathan has been working with:

Freddie the Collie: Freddie has gone from an unfocused, reactive border collie in the garden to a dog that is now able to listen, focus and walk nicely on a lead! We have made a few tweaks to his training and will be back next week to take this show on the road and out of the back garden! READY FREDDIE!

Rufus and Reggie the Doodles: They are doing fab with recall, loose leash walking, and reactivity towards other dogs. This week we went to look at their separation anxiety but turned out they were completely fine when we did our SA assessment we will now be videoing their owner's leaving process to see if there are specific triggers causing them to be stressed.

Finally, we had our first session with Zeus the Belgian Malinois: he’s a typical mali with a lot of drive when it’s triggered. He is also working with a Clinical Behaviourist and we are there for some extra support. I actually met Zeus when he escaped to chase a fox and ended up outside my house so obviously recall is a top priority here. He is also reactive to dogs. We did some toy play around his recall cue which he naturally was brilliant with and some focus games to help with what the CAB has been working on.

It’s been a fun day with some interesting cases and ultimately, the dogs and owners have done AWESOME!

Well done guys!

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.


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