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A Winning Wednesday!

Catching up on posting some pups from last week so here are some from Wednesday!

  • We kicked off the day with Bobby the Patterdale in Seaham who was insanely reactive towards pretty much everything and would bark and lunge a lot. We have taught him to pay attention to his owners and calm down out and about and now he ignores most distractions. Dogs are the final hurdle, he’s so much better with hardly any barking and lunging, however, still fixates more than I would like him to. All in all, he’s making leaps and bounds towards their goal!

  • After a quick shop around Dalton Park, we headed off to train some dogs in Gateshead, I had 2 patterjack littermates, and I forgot to get a pic! Binky and Bella wanted to kill each other every opportunity they got. This was due to hormones around their seasons and now they are out of season, there is anxiety around each other. We started working through our multi-dog aggression pyramid by teaching them to settle and creating positive associations with each other’s scents. We’ll have these 2 there in no time!

  • Next, we went back to Jarrow to see Charlie the Labrador. Charlie is a long-term client who we see off and on and have done for a few years now. Originally he was a reactive dog, which he’s fab with now. His current issue: is poo eating. Not his, but other dogs. And he’s completely obsessed with this!! We have a plan in place to teach him an alternative behaviour and will be back next week to help them achieve this.

  • Next, back to Gateshead for Charlie the lurcher and Archie the spaniel. Charlie is probably one of the best results I’ve seen - previously he reacted at dogs, now when he sees a dog, even up close, he pesters his owner for treats instead Archie likes to chase squirrels so we put a plan in for that and started working through it and he’s doing fab. This was our last session as their training is now complete! Well done gang

  • Finally, we were back in Jarrow for Ripley the Labrador. Ripley is just a dream, super friendly but that was getting him in trouble and he was running off to other dogs and then couldn’t be off lead. He also pulled on the lead quite badly. Now he was really nice, and can ignore dogs when out and about and off lead! Superlab!

Busy Wednesday, but well-done everyone!

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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