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The 2 Cockertoodles - part 2

Went to Sunderland for another session with Hattie and Florence - the two Cockertoodles. This was our second session, we've got all the foundations in last time and we got them out and started actually working with dogs this time. Hattie is the main instigator of barking at the dogs and Florence just follows. We actually end up putting Florence in, because she was just annoying Hattie and wanting all the treats.

We started counter conditioning with Hattie, she had one or two barks the whole session and she did just perfect. She saw lots of different dogs including four of mine while we were out, two of the dogs we saw where the ones she used to go ‘bonkers’ (the word that the owner used) at, and Hattie hardly batted an eyelid at them. Now she can look at a dog and look straight back for the treatment without being asked and automatically do it.

She's just doing perfectly. She's going to be no bother at all.

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