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The last session with Buddy

This is Buddy, the Patterdale from South Shields. Buddy originally barked at dogs and people and bit a couple of people as well and he would fixate and bark from quite a distance.

Today was our final session with him, we've massively reduced his reactivity and for the most part, he's completely fine with dogs, he can play with a lot of them now as well, and he's stopped going to the toilet in the house, which he was doing quite a bit and he was barking out the window quite a bit as well, which has pretty much stopped too.

He has started this very weird behaviour of barking at the tree in the garden and at the birds there that we worked on during this session and basically taught him that around the tree, as soon as he looks up, rewards appear on the floor, so instead of looking up and barking upwards, he just looks up then looks straight down. He did really well with that, but we'll see how that goes over the next few days and whether we need to change it up a bit and see what else works.

They've done incredibly well because Buddy was about to be rehomed if they didn't sort him out, whereas now he's been sorted out and he's great.

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