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Dog Training in South Shields
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Constant chewing, barking, and mess-making. It's stressful and emotional for you as a dog owner when they completely ignore your commands! We know how much they mean to you, and your pup's bad behaviour is draining. At South Shields Dog Trainer, we want to help you build a stronger relationship with your furry friend. 

We provide kind, force-free training methods to help stop bad habits in their tracks. At the moment, your dog may bark at the slightest distraction, never come to your commands, and act up when they feel distressed. We recognise your dog's individual needs and help them overcome problems - for good. 

What Problems Can Dog Training Solve?

Just like people, dogs can develop bad habits. Some may be an inconvenience - like getting a little too excited when they spot another dog at the park - or more severe, such as toileting inside your house and destroying furniture.

Your dog may chew your belongings when you leave them alone, or they howl and bark when you're away at work. Anxiety often leads to these kinds of behaviours, which feel draining and upsetting to deal with (especially as it usually takes a stressed-out neighbour to alert you of the problem). 

Does your pooch bark at seemingly everything - the TV, doorbell, and your neighbours returning home? Once they get going, you might find it impossible to grab their attention, no matter how hard you try.

Or, you have a pup that feels defensive and gets aggressive when certain family members enter the same room or try to pet them.

Fortunately, with the right approach to dog training, any problem can be solved with patience. When your dog begins to listen and respond to you, your relationship and trust will grow stronger.

What Dog Training Do We Provide?

At South Shields Dog Trainer, we're proud to offer one-to-one dog training and classes and courses in a group setting in Longbenton. We even provide online dog training, too. Our head trainer Nathan takes a kind, non-forceful approach with dog training. Working with us, you'll learn how to train your dog and keep them attentive and well behaved for the long term.

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So we can get to know you and your pup, helping you choose the right training, please get in touch to book your one to one assessment. We'll be glad to help the relationship with your dog get back on track!

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